Healthy Direction for Healthy Living

The purpose of CityGenesis, Corp. is to improve and sustain the quality of life of individuals and communities through health communication, information sharing, and outreach.


CityGenesis, Corp. is a 501(c)(3), Christian, charitable organization that is incorporated to serve educational purposes. 

Based in Gaithersburg, Maryland, we support individuals in small businesses and community organizations by providing tools, helpful resources, and technical assistance to reinforce public health efforts in health promotion and disease prevention.  As an organization, our overarching goal is to enhance individual health and the health of the larger community.  

We are interested in the development of strategies to meet the challenges of existing and emerging health problems.  We are dedicated to advancing health initiatives and supporting the implementation of prevention programs to decrease risk factors and behaviors. Our organizational activities include direct service interventions, community mobilization efforts, research initiatives, advocacy work, & training programs.


Community health initiative implementation & coalition building. Education and training in best practice for health promotion and disease prevention, and ensuring practice of proper protocols. Provide education and training for emergency preparedness. 
Establishing partnerships to create a support network for at risk individuals. Promoting telehealth services and use of technology for health communication and distance learning. Needs assessments, risk assessments, & public health surveillance activities.
Creating informational & educational materials (i.e. fact sheets, pamphlets, manuals, books) based on peer reviewed, evidence-based research. Writing, preparation, and submittal of grant proposals Compiling information from peer reviewed, evidence-based research, and maintaining a database of collected information and scholarly articles. 
Use of research-based strategies to shape materials and products and providing educational and informational materials to individuals in small businesses and community organizations.  Partnership with UNMHSC’s Project ECHO to conduct Project ECHO activities.Recruiting of an ongoing interdisciplinary expert team of volunteers with the common goal of collaborating to enhance individual health and the health of the larger community.